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Don't Take the Bait
By Joel Osteen - Aug 19, 2009
A while back, my son, Jonathan and I were in a department store. We wanted to buy some sporting goods, and I kept trying to get someone to help us. There were three or four employees over to the side talking, laughing, and having a good time. So, I just went over there and very politely asked if one of them could assist us. Well, none of them would give us the time of day! They totally ignored us and just kept talking. The longer it went on, the more I could feel myself wanting to get upset. I could feel that offense trying to take root. I had to dig my heels in and say, “No. I am not going to lose my joy. I am not going to let their rude attitudes ruin the rest of my day.” I didn’t want to give the enemy any satisfaction by getting offended.

In the scripture, the word “offense” comes from a Greek word that means “bait.” It’s used in reference to how people trap animals. It was actually the bait that lured the animal into the trap.

When you’re temped to be offended, when somebody is rude to you, inconsiderate, or they ignore you, recognize that’s the enemy offering you his bait. He’s saying, “Come on. Get upset. Get angry. Argue. Let it sour your day.” Many people don’t know any better, so they swallow that bait…hook, line, and sinker. Then they go around day after day upset, bitter, and offended. But we need to be aware of what’s happening. The next time you have the opportunity to be offended, instead of falling into that same trap, just say, “No, thanks. I’m not going to take the bait. I’m smarter than that. I’m going to live my life free. I’m going to enjoy this day.”

Choose freedom today by resisting the bait of offense. Choose to walk in love which covers a multitude of offense. As you do, you’ll experience more of God’s peace and joy as you move forward into the life of freedom and victory He has in store for you!
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