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Mercy Always Wins
By Victoria Osteen - Aug 04, 2009
The Bible tells us that mercy triumphs over judgment. That means when we choose to show mercy instead of judging and condemning others, we are choosing victory. We are on the winning side!

Jesus showed mercy everywhere He went. In fact, right before He was going to be arrested and taken to the cross, He had a conversation with one of his disciples. He said, "Peter, you are going to deny me 3 times tonight before it's all said and done." But Peter refused to believe it, "No way! I would never deny You. I'll stand by You ‘til the end!" The Bible talks about three accounts where Peter denied any association with Jesus because he feared for his own life. Do you know how Jesus responded? After He died and rose again, He appeared to Mary who was at His tomb, and He said to her, "I want you to go and tell everyone that I've risen." Then He said, "And, go find Peter." Why did Jesus single out Peter? Jesus wanted Peter to know that he was still loved, valued, and forgiven. Jesus didn't hold a grudge. Instead, He extended mercy to Peter and restored him. He extends that same mercy to us every single day!

Maybe you've been denied by someone. Maybe you've been hurt by someone. Maybe you are working through some pain right now. But remember, Jesus gave us an example of mercy. He shows us mercy so that we can show mercy to others. It's easy to take offense. It´s easy to hold on to the hurt and pain of the past. But the best way to move forward is to give all that pain to God and show mercy and forgiveness. Start today by praying for those who have hurt you. If possible, do something nice for them in return. Ask God to help you learn to forgive and extend mercy to others. It's not always easy, but it starts with a choice. You make the choice, and God makes the change in your heart. Remember, when you choose mercy, you are choosing the winning side!

Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom, because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment! (James 2:12-13, NIV).
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