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You Have Everything You Need
By Joel Osteen - Aug 05, 2009
Before you were born, God, the great architect of the universe, laid out a plan for your life. He knew what you would need in order to accomplish that plan. He didn’t just randomly put something in you. He put in you exactly what you need to live a victorious life. Don’t ever let anyone convince you that you don’t have what it takes—that you’re not tall enough, you’re not talented enough, you don’t have the right personality. No, that is an insult to our God. He has equipped you to fulfill the dreams in your heart.

Years ago, there was a young lady by the name of Helen Hayes. She had a dream to become an actress, but everyone told her she would never be successful because she was too short. She stood less than five feet tall. She tried all these stretching exercises and had coaches put her on different programs to try to increase her height, but none of it worked. She didn’t get any taller. But, instead of getting discouraged and listening to the naysayers, she focused on being the best actress she could be. She took what God gave her and made the most of it. She tuned out the negative voices and ended up becoming one of the greatest actresses of her day. In fact, later in her career, she was chosen to play an acclaimed role of Mary, Queen of Scotland, who was one of the tallest queens that had ever lived. She received numerous awards and recognitions throughout her career and was an inspiration to the entire acting community. 

Friend, no matter what things look like, no matter what other people say, God has equipped you with everything you need to accomplish your dreams. Quit allowing other people to tell you what you don’t have and what you can’t do! I’ve heard it said that “faith begins with stuffing your ears full of cotton.” In other words, you can’t listen to the negative comments because they only drag you down and hold you back. When those negative voices come to you saying, “You’re not going to accomplish your dreams. You’re not going to be successful.” Choose to tune those voices out. Remember, God Almighty—the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End—He created you; He equipped you; He called you; and He chose you. You are enough, and you have everything you need to fulfill the dreams and desires He’s placed in you!
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