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Turn Your Struggle into Strength
By Victoria Osteen - Jul 30, 2009
In the Gospel of Luke, there was a woman that the Bible says was bent over and crippled for eighteen years. It doesn ´t say a whole lot about her, but I can only imagine that she must have struggled a lot. I can imagine it was very difficult for her to do the things that most people take for granted every day. But here she was in this hunched over position, and she happened to be in the synagogue on the same day that Jesus was. Now, first of all, I really commend her for this because it probably wasn ´t easy for her to get to the synagogue. Most people in her situation would ´ve just stayed home.

The Bible says that when Jesus saw her, He called to her to come over where He was. It doesn ´t say what he said or how far away she was, but I find it interesting that He didn ´t just walk over to her. After all, clearly it would have been easier for Him and, I ´m sure, much quicker. But think about it. I bet it got everyone ´s attention all around them as they watched the woman struggle to get closer to Jesus. See, when she took that first step, her actions were making a declaration of her faith. She was willing to be obedient. The Bible says as she moved toward Him, He spoke healing over her, and when she was close enough, He laid hands on her and that healing manifested!

As I was reading this passage, I thought about how we all go through struggles in life. The enemy wants to cripple our potential. He wants to push us down under a heavy load of cares, worry, or offense. Maybe you ´ve been hurt, maybe you ´ve been wronged by others, maybe you have anger issues, or you just feel like you ´re in over your head. Maybe you have a physical ailment. Whatever it is that you ´re struggling with I want you to know that Jesus is calling you today. He ´s saying, "Come to me." He ´s speaking strength and healing to you. Take that step of faith toward Him today. Be obedient to whatever He tells you do. You may not have seen your restoration yet, but just keep moving toward Him. His arms are outstretched toward you today filled with restoration, peace, healing, and strength. As you move toward Him, He ´ll turn your struggle into strength and empower you because He loves you and has good things in store for your future.
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