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What Are You Leaving in People
By Joel Osteen - Jul 27, 2009
Not long ago, I was reading about a young boy who grew up in Ghana, West Africa in extreme poverty. At sixteen years old, he decided to leave home, determined to find some way to help improve his village and better his people. Seven years later, he returned and the people were so excited. They knew about his mission. They knew he had set out to help them. When they saw him coming down the road, the people ran out to meet him. They were certain that he had brought wealth, riches, and abundance. "Show us what you´ve brought," the people said. Without saying a word, the young man reached into his pocket and pulled out three tiny seeds. The people looked confused. They said, "Is this all you´ve brought us? You´ve been gone seven years and this is it?" The young man just simply planted those seeds in the ground. Not long after that, Ghana had its first cocoa plants. Those plants grew and multiplied until today, many years later; cocoa is one of the major products of Ghana.

That young man left a mark on his people that cannot be erased. How did he do it? By planting three simple seeds.

Friend, you and I have the same opportunity today. When you live your life planting seeds in others, looking for ways to improve them, imparting what you know—your skills, wisdom, love, kindness, encouragement—you are making an eternal difference. The person you impacted will impact another person, and that person, another, and so on. Before long, your life will be influencing thousands of people even long after you´ve gone simply because you took time to invest in others.

I like what Lou Holtz, the famous football coach said, "When I die my accomplishments will eventually be forgotten. But what I´ve invested in my players will continue to live on." The best legacy is not what we leave for people. It´s what we leave in people. What are you leaving in people today?
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