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Press Past Your Limitations
By Victoria Osteen - Jul 21, 2009
I want to share a story with you about a woman in the Bible in Mark chapter five. This woman was determined. She had perseverance. She had tenacity. But this woman was also very sick. In fact, the Bible says that she had been sick for over twelve years with hemorrhaging in her body. She went from place to place seeking help. She went to every physician she could find, traveling from town to town, but still she received no help. This woman wanted to be healed so badly that she spent every penny she had, but the Bible says she didn´t get any better; she got worse. Then one day, she heard there was another Healer—Jesus was in town! And that day, she mixed her determination, perseverance, and tenacity with supernatural faith. That was the combination that changed her life forever.

The Bible says that when the woman heard that Jesus was in town, she said to herself, "If I can only touch the hem of His garment." One translation says, "She kept on telling herself, ´if I could only touch the hem of His garment, if I could only touch the hem of His garment.´" You know, I bet that wasn´t the first time she had to keep telling herself something. After fighting this sickness for twelve years, I bet she was constantly encouraging herself and focusing on healing, victory, and prosperity. I´m sure she was tempted to quit. I´m sure she had days when it was hard. I´m sure there were times when she was tired, but that day, she was as determined as ever. The Bible says that she went out and touched the hem of His garment, and she was instantly made whole.

What I find so interesting is that this woman was definitely limited in the natural. These limitations weren´t made up in her mind—she was definitely sick for twelve years; she was probably emotionally and physically a wreck; she definitely had no money; and she was a woman. And in those days, that was a limitation in itself. But none of those things stopped her; she was still determined. She still had faith. I´m sure she fought fear, but she pressed past those limitations and pressed right in to Jesus!

What are the limitations that you see in your life? Are they financial? Do you have sickness in your body? Do you see limits in your relationships? I think God is saying to us today, "Yes, you may have some limitations; they may real, but I put this woman in the Bible to let you know that you can go beyond your limitations." See, you don´t have to stay where you´ve been. You don´t have to be defined by your past. There´s still hope for you today! I want to encourage you to find the determination, the perseverance, the tenacity, and mix it with supernatural faith. Keep telling yourself, "I know I´m going to make it! I know I´m going to be healed! I know things are going to change! I know I´m going to get my breakthrough!" Keep pressing past your limitations today because God has victory and wholeness in store for you in every area of your life.
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