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It's Never Too Late to Be Free
By Joel Osteen - Jul 01, 2009
Not long ago, a man was telling me about how he felt as if he had wasted the first forty years of his life. He had come from a good family. He was bright and had all kinds of opportunity in front of him, but he ended up a cocaine addict. He told me, "Joel, I don't even really remember the first part of my life. I was so high and so messed up. I ruined my marriage. I blew my education." At one point, he thought his life was over, but today things are different. Now he´s in his early fifties, his family is back together, and he has a good job. In fact, he volunteers for us every weekend. He said, "I never dreamed God would give me another chance. I never dreamed I could be this fulfilled."

As we approach the holiday weekend, a time when we celebrate our freedom in America, I want to remind you that no matter where you are in life or what has happened in your past, it´s never too late for God to set you free from any bondage that may be holding you back. It's never too late for Him to turn things around. It's never too late to break that addiction; never too late to have good relationships; never too late to fulfill your dreams.

The scripture says that as believers in Jesus, God is always at work in us. But it´s also up to us to "work out" our salvation. In other words, we have to take steps of faith to work with God in the process of our freedom. We work out what He works in. Keep believing, keep hoping, keep praying, keep attending church, keep forgiving, keep declaring His Word over your life. The more you take steps toward your spiritual development, the more of His strength and power you´ll see at work in your life

If you feel like you've wasted years or lost opportunities, if you feel like there's something holding you back, now is the time to experience the true freedom that Jesus came to give. Open your heart to Him in faith and ask Him to show you the path toward victory. Put your hope and trust in Him. Believe that He will turn things around for your good and watch His freedom come to every area of your life!
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