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Don’t Give Up; You Are Closer Than You Think!
By Joel Osteen - Jun 29, 2009
The Scripture tells us about a man who was paralyzed and couldn´t walk at all. One day, he heard that Jesus was in town teaching in a nearby house. This man knew that if he could just get to Jesus, he would be made whole. So the man convinced four of his friends to carry him on his bed over to that house. The only problem was that when they arrived, it was so crowded that they couldn´t even get in the door.

What a disappointment. What a letdown. I´m sure those men were tired by this time. They could have easily gotten discouraged and thought, "Too bad. It´s not going to happen." But not the paralyzed man, he was determined! He wasn´t going to let anything stop him from getting to Jesus. I can just imagine his four friends turning around to take him back home when he says, "No, no. We´re not going home just yet. There has to be a way! I´m not leaving until I get my miracle!" This man understood that you are closest to your victory when you face the greatest opposition. He wasn´t about to give up. He said to his friends, "I´ve got an idea—take me up on the roof, cut a hole in it, and lower me down so I can have a front row seat right in front of Jesus." Those four men hoisted him up on the roof and did exactly that. And do you know how Jesus responded? He wasn´t upset because they made a mess. He wasn´t frustrated because they interrupted His message. No, it says that He saw their faith and instantly healed the man!

You know, a lot of people give up when they face opposition. They see the "crowds" and turn around and go home. "Oh, I tried but they told me no." "I tried to get my degree, but the college was full." "I tried to get that new home, but they wouldn´t give me a loan." "I tried to quit this addiction, but it´s just too hard." No, you´ve got to be more determined than that. You have to have a "never say die" attitude. Don´t stop trying. Keep pressing through because just like this paralyzed man, you are close to your miracle!

Friend, no matter what you may be going through today, no matter how you may be feeling or what you may be facing, remember there is victory in store for you. Maybe the door has been closed, maybe it seems like there are crowds of people in the way, but if you can´t get through the door, why don´t you try the window? Better yet, why don´t you be bold like this man, and just go through the roof? Keep trying, keep believing, keep hoping, keep pressing into Jesus because you are closer than you think to the miracles He has in store for you!
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