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Put Action Behind Your Faith
By Joel Osteen - Jun 24, 2009
One time, when my sister, Lisa, was about four years old, she really wanted to go to the office with our father. It was a week day, and she heard my dad say that he was going to the church, so she asked if she could go with him. My father told her, "No, Lisa. Today is not a good day. I´ve got a lot of meetings, and I´m going to be really busy. Maybe tomorrow or one day next week, just not today."

Well, Lisa didn´t want to go some other time; she wanted to go right then. And she was so determined that in spite of what my father had said, she ran back to her room and started getting dressed as quickly as she could. She acted as if she were going. You would have thought she didn´t even hear what my father said! As she was finishing putting on her little shoes, she heard the back door open and knew my father was leaving. Lisa took off running full speed, and when my father saw her coming–his little four–year–old daughter, fully dressed, struggling to get her last shoe on—it melted his heart. Daddy couldn´t say no. He took her by the hand and said, "Okay. Come on, Lisa. You can go with me today."

What happened? My father saw Lisa´s faith and determination. He saw her doing everything she could, and her actions spoke so much louder than just her words. Her actions made a bigger impact than if she were to beg or sit in the corner and pout. No, my father wouldn´t have been moved by begging or pouting, but he was moved when he saw her faith and determination.

Friend, God is the same way. Can He see your faith? Are you determined to receive everything He has in store for you? It´s important to pray. It´s important to believe. But if you really want to get God´s attention, put actions behind your faith. Stay determined, stay focused, and watch what God will do on your behalf!
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