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Faith to Walk Again
By Joel Osteen - Jun 15, 2009
I want to share with you a story about a young man who was raised in a small country town. In his early twenties, he married a young girl from the community who was really into fashion–especially high–heeled shoes. One day after they had gotten married, they were driving home and it was raining. A truck was coming from the other direction, didn´t see them, and turned right in front of them. This young man tried to stop, but he couldn´t and plowed right into that truck, totaling their vehicle. The young man couldn´t get his door open, so he tried to crawl out the window and encouraged his wife to do the same. She said, "I can´t. My legs are hurt." When he looked down, he saw that both of her ankles had been crushed.

They rushed her to a hospital in a larger city and after several days and several surgeries, the doctor told the young couple, "I hate to tell you this, but your wife will never walk again. Her ankles have been too messed up. Maybe we can fit her with some kind of brace to help stabilize her. But she´ll be confined to a wheelchair the rest of her life."

You can imagine how devastated they were. That young man took his wife home and physically carried her inside. He gently set her on the bed, looked her in the eyes and said, "Listen here, Honey. Everything that man just said to us I want you to ignore. You will walk again. I don´t know if it will take a month or a year. It may take twenty years. But you are going to walk again."

Sometimes, when the young man would come home from work, he would find his wife sitting in the closet. She would scoot herself in there just to stare at her beautiful shoes. She was so down and discouraged. He would pick her up and say, "Okay, Honey. Let´s try. Take a step." One step after another, month after month they kept trying, they kept believing, they kept releasing their faith and thanking God for her healing. Eventually, she got to a place where she could wear tennis shoes, then flat–soled shoes, then shoes with a small heel. She even got to where she could wear her beloved high–heeled shoes once again. Today, not only can she walk, she can run; she can jump; she can dance. She´s stronger now than she was twenty years ago when it first happened.

Friend, maybe you are able to physically walk today, but has life knocked you down in another area? Do you feel stuck or unable to move forward somehow? I believe, just like this young couple, God wants to give you the faith to walk again. He wants to give you the faith to pursue your dreams again; to have healthy relationships and enjoy every aspect of your life. He wants to see every desire of your heart fulfilled to His glory. No matter what anyone has told you, open your heart today and dare to believe that God will do the impossible. Focus your heart and mind on His Word and watch those seeds of faith grow until you can walk, run, jump, and dance in every area of your life again!
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