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Dare to Believe
By Joel Osteen - Jun 08, 2009
There’s a gentleman in our church named Dr. Todd Price. He and his family have been a part of Lakewood for many years. A while back, they started taking mission trips overseas. They would fill their suitcases with medicines that the drug companies would donate to them. Over time, their outreach has grown bigger and bigger and now, we are a partner and supporter of theirs as well. Not long ago, Dr. Price gave me an update on what’s been happening this year with his outreaches. The report started off by saying, “With the economy being down and people struggling in their finances, we didn’t see how we could continue at the same level.” Then he went on to say, “We didn’t. We increased. We expanded.” In just the first five months of this year, Dr. Price and his missions organization have donated over $66 million dollars worth of medicines to needy people all over the world. That’s above and beyond what they ever expected! Here’s the key: Dr. Price and his family live breakthrough-minded. They believe God can do anything. They are constantly daring to take those steps of faith. You know, missions work is not even his main job. He has a successful medical practice and does the missions work on the side. Just recently I got the word that somebody gave Dr. Price a beautiful building, a warehouse on the freeway, to house all of his medical supplies. Every time I turn around he’s getting more equipment, more opportunities, more outreaches. But 10 years ago, he could have never imagined leading such a powerful, world-wide organization. It all started when he and his family stepped out and dared to believe God. Maybe you have a desire in your heart to step out and do something for God. Maybe you don’t see the resources, or understand how it will all work out. Just start by taking that first step of faith. Dare to believe God. Use what you have in your hand and God will multiply it back it to you in ways you never imagined!
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