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Faith That God Loves
By Victoria Osteen - Jun 09, 2009
We serve a God of faith! And the Bible tells us that each person is given a measure of faith. You may look at the people around you or see ministers on TV and think, “Man, they have a lot of faith! I don’t have that much faith.” But do you know that the faith God loves is the faith that you have right now? It doesn’t matter how much faith you have, it matters that you use the faith you do have. Not long ago, a friend was telling me about a young lady who stopped coming to church because she didn’t have the money to pay her tithe. So I said emphatically, “Tell her to keep coming anyway so she can get her faith built up!” Even though she didn’t have the faith to believe for tithe money, if she would just have the faith to keep coming to church, God would give her the faith to believe for her finances. See, God wants us to realize that faith is now. Faith is not for tomorrow when everything is straightened out; faith is for today, right now. Whatever you believe in your heart right now, God is responding to. As a believer in Jesus, you have everything you need inside of you to get your prayers answered. Maybe you don’t have the faith to see your sickness healed this very moment, but you probably have enough faith to say, “God, I know you are working in me. Continue Your work in me and help me to receive every promise You have for me.” That’s taking a step of faith. That’s sowing a seed of faith. And the Bible tells us that if we have the faith the size of mustard seed, we can say to the mountains in our lives, “Be moved!” The thing is, we have to sow that seed every single day and water it with the Word of God in order to watch it grow. I want to encourage you today, no matter what you may be facing, no matter how overwhelmed you may feel, just use the faith you have today and God will increase it tomorrow. Just take it one step at a time because that’s what pleases God. So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17, NKJ).
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