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Let His Love Empower You
By Victoria Osteen - May 21, 2009

Not long ago, there was a survey done for a national magazine that revealed 59% of CEO's are firstborn children. I don't find this surprising when you consider how most firstborn children are treated by their parents–everything that child does is so amazing! That first smile, that first word, that first step is seen as the most magnificent event of the year. Even most grandparents marvel at and encourage every move of that firstborn child. That constant recognition of every small achievement builds confidence and security.

Did you know God sees you the same way? Regardless of whether you were the firstborn in your family or not, you are the apple of God's eye. He will always treat you like His most valuable child. He applauds you every time you take a step of faith. He's always speaking encouraging words to your heart saying, "You can rise higher. You can do all things. You can fulfill your destiny." Let those words sink down into your heart and allow them to build confidence in you. When you understand and receive God's love and encouragement, it will empower you to do more than you ever thought possible.

Because of God's love and constant support, you can wake up every day with an attitude of faith and expectancy. You don't have to live guilty or condemned, feeling like you don't measure up. You may have made some mistakes, but just like a parent helps a child when they are learning to walk, God will help you get right back up anytime you fall. Do your part, and instead of dwelling on all you did wrong the day before, just imagine God is smiling down on you. It's very freeing to say, "God is pleased with me. God approves me." Embrace these words and let them create a foundation of His unconditional love in your life. Remember, you are His most prized possession; the apple of His eye!

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