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When the Master Steps In
By Joel Osteen - May 20, 2009
Not long ago, I heard a story about a five–year–old boy who loved the piano. Any time he got the chance, he would sit down and fiddle around on the keys. He never had lessons or formal training because he was told that he was too small or too young to play the piano. But in spite of those comments, he continued to practice and practice the only song he knew how to play, "Chopsticks." One day, the boy's father surprised him with tickets to go to the symphony and hear a world–renowned Italian pianist. This man was one of the greatest pianists that had ever lived. The night of the concert arrived and as they walked to their seats, the little boy saw the beautiful grand piano on stage behind the curtain. When no one was looking, he snuck over and sat down on the piano bench and began to play his elementary version of chopsticks. About that time, the curtain began to rise and the audience was prepared to see the world–famous, master pianist. Instead, they saw the little boy hunched over the keys playing "Chopsticks." The boy was so caught up in his world that he didn't even know anyone was watching. When he suddenly realized what was happening, he was petrified. And just as he was about to get up and run for his life, two big arms reached around him and placed two big hands on the piano keys. It was the master pianist. He whispered in the little boy's ear, "Keep playing." As the little boy continued to play his simple rendition of "Chopsticks", this world–renown pianist began to play a Beethoven Symphony piece scored in the same cadence and key. Under the direction of the master, the rest of the orchestra came in. First, he brought in the woodwinds, then the brass, then the percussion. The boy's father sat there with tears coming down his cheeks. He couldn't believe what he was experiencing. He never dreamed that simple tune he heard in his living room each day would become a beautifully orchestrated Beethoven symphony. What was the difference? The master stepped in. Sometimes in life, you may not feel like you have the talent, the wisdom, or the "know how." People may not see your desire or ability, but the good news is: God does. When you use what you have, the Master will step in. He'll put His hands on top of your hands. He'll take what you think is average–average gifts, average talent, average ability–and He'll turn your life into a masterpiece. For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago (Ephesians 2:10, NLT.)
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