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Blessed Are the Peacemakers
By Victoria Osteen - May 12, 2009

"Today more than ever, we have to be proactive and do whatever we can to stand and fight for our relationships and our families. And do you know that one of the most powerful ways you can fight for your relationships is to be a peacemaker? Think about a campfire. It can only continue burning and raging as long as someone is throwing logs on it. But as soon as you stop fueling the fire, eventually it will go out. Maybe you feel like you have a fire in your home today or in your relationships; a fire of strife and confusion. I believe that if you ask God to help you be a peacemaker, if you choose to stop throwing logs on the fire, He will supernaturally extinguish that fire.

One definition of the word "peace" is "to set at one again." When you are a peacemaker, you are bringing unity into your relationships. And this is so important because we have an enemy who is after this generation. He wants to target our families and relationships and bring division. Notice that when you look at the word "division"' you see "di" which means two and "vision." Two visions. When two people disagree, it's because they have two different visions over something. And I know that you aren't going to agree with everyone all the time, but if you stay focused on your differences, eventually there is going to be division. However, if you change your focus and look for the common ground of peace, you can bring harmony into your relationships again.

Remember, the Bible tells us that blessed are the peacemakers. When we dwell together in unity, we honor God and open the door for His hand of blessing in every area of our lives!

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