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A Life of Excellence
By Victoria Osteen - Apr 21, 2009

"When you think about your life on the job, at home, or in your community; do you see yourself as the one who sets the standards or do you look to what others are doing and allow them to set the bar for your actions? Are you late to the office because everyone else is late, or do you arrive early every day and set the example? 

So many people look around to what others are doing in order to take their cue on how to live. They model their life after what they see on TV or read on the internet. But as believers, as children of the Most High God′ we are called to be leaders; we are called to live a life of excellence and set the standard wherever we go. That means we have to rise up and not engage in conversation when others start to gossip. It means giving back the extra change you received by mistake from the checkout clerk. It means always living in integrity and doing the right thing even when no one is looking. 

Do you know what happens when you live a life of excellence? The Bible says that Daniel had an excellent spirit and he became distinguished among his peers. He was promoted because he was willing to set the standard. We know that promotion comes from the Lord. I believe that as you live a life of excellence, God’s favor and anointing will increase on you, and you’ll see promotion in your life in ways you never dreamed!

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