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Encourage Yourself in the Lord
By Joel Osteen - Apr 08, 2009
"When times get tough and things aren't going your way, it's tempting to just hunker down and settle where you are and not believe for increase or to go any further. If you watch the news reports long enough, it's tempting to think "If only I can just hold on. If only I can just make it through another year." If we're not careful, we'll develop a survival mentality and simply stop releasing our faith. We'll settle where we are hoping to just break even. But in reality, we're not supposed to just break even; we're supposed to break through to a new level, to more of God's favor, to increase' to promotion!

How do we keep ourselves moving forward into breakthrough? I believe one of the main keys is to encourage yourself in the Lord. That means focusing on Him and focusing on His promises. It means being careful about what you allow to influence your thoughts. Be careful about what you watch or listen to on TV or the internet. You can't just sit around listening to doom and gloom all day and then expect to have a positive attitude of faith. No, instead, fill your mind with positive words of faith like the articles and postings we have on this site. Also, make the effort to submerse yourself in an atmosphere of faith and expectancy anytime you can. Get around other believers that are going to build you up, not drag you down.

That's one of the reasons we travel all around the world bringing "A Night of Hope" to hundreds of thousands of people–so that people can be encouraged, strengthened, and filled with God's hope for the future. Something supernatural happens when people gather together in person to seek Him. The Bible says that God dwells among the praises of His people and when we praise Him together, we can feel His wonderful' life–changing presence.

If you've never attended one of our "Night of Hope" events, I want to personally invite you to come out and join us. Our next event will be April 25 in the brand new Yankee Stadium in New York City. We believe it will be a historic night! There's still plenty of time to get tickets and make travel arrangements. Just check out the events section on the site for more details. Come be filled with faith, hope, and expectancy for your future!
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