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Speak To Your Mountains
By Victoria Osteen - Mar 25, 2009
Are you facing a mountain in your life today? Something that seems to be standing in the way of your future, your success, or your destiny? In Mark 11, Jesus tells us that we are to speak to our mountains. That means we are to look at that mountain through our eyes of faith and say, "Mountain, you have to go. You can’t stay in my life! Obstacle, you’re subject to change! God is for me so who dare be against me!"

But, do you know what happens a lot of times? People end up talking about their mountains instead of talking to their mountains. They go around saying, "Oh, that mountain’s so big; I just don’t see a way around it. I don’t know what I’m going to do." Don’t let that be you! Let faith arise in your heart and declare God’s Word over your life no matter what you are facing. When you begin to speak to your mountain, when you speak to your situations, something supernatural happens—that mountain has to move out of your way! Remember, God is a faithful God, but we have to follow His instructions and do things His way. When you do things God’s way, He always leads you in the way of victory!
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