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Ignite Your Faith by the Word of God
By Joel Osteen - Mar 18, 2009
Romans 10:17 tells us that faith comes by hearing the Word of God. That's why Victoria and I are so excited to announce the release of the Hope For Today New Living Translation Bible. It's filled with insights, notes, and encouragements to help you grow deeper in your relationship with God. We also put together a list of scriptures that you can pray over your relationships, finances, and health; as well as a section that shows you what the Bible has to say on topics like favor, forgiveness, anger, and loneliness. If there's anything we need right now it's to ignite our hope and fuel our faith by the Word of God. When we started this project over two years ago, little did we know how timely it would be! But God knew. He knows right where you are and He knows exactly what you need to keep moving forward. We pray this Bible is a source of hope and encouragement for you and your family for many years to come! By now, I hope you've had the opportunity to enjoy some of the new features on our site. In case you have not found them, we have desktop backgrounds and scripture references in our Hope for Today Downloads section along with a archive of our Today's Word messages. These are to sure help you to stay focused in the right direction. Victoria and I are so honored to help equip you to be everything God has called you to be. We have so many resources to help you grow and stand strong, even when it seems like everything else around you is unsteady.
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