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Keep His Word in Your Mind and in Your Mouth
By Victoria Osteen - Mar 19, 2009

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by something you were facing? Maybe it was something you prepared for in the natural. You prayed and believed God, but at the same time, you felt very afraid? The Bible tells us about a man named Joshua. Joshua had taken over as the leader of God's people after Moses died. He was the one called to bring them into the Promised Land. Joshua had served under Moses for many years and saw all the amazing miracles God performed through Moses. Joshua had great faith in God and was also very skilled in the natural. He knew how to lead, and he knew how to fight the enemy.

But at the same time, as Joshua faced the Promised Land, he was fearful. He had everything in the world going for him, and yet, he was very afraid. And do you know what God said to him? In Joshua 1:8 He basically says, "Joshua, be bold and be strong, I am with you. If you want to succeed, there's one thing you have to do–you can't let the Book of the Law depart from your mouth. You have to meditate on it day and night and be careful to observe every instruction I give you. Then you will be prosperous and have good success."

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