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It's Already Set Up
By Joel Osteen - Jan 19, 2018

It's easy to go through life looking at all the reasons why you can't accomplish a dream or get out of a problem or meet the right person. But when God laid out the plan for your life, He set up everything you need to fulfill your destiny—every good break, every person, every solution, every healing. Before you had that problem you think will never turn around, He already set up the answer. The desires that God put in your heart may seem too far out, but if you'll stay in faith and not let negative voices talk you out of your dreams, you're going to come into what God has already set up.

In Luke 22, Jesus told Peter and John to go into Jerusalem and make arrangements for them to eat the Passover meal, now known as the Last Supper. Notice how detailed Jesus was. He told them that as they entered the city, a man carrying a pitcher of water would meet them and lead them to a certain house. They were to ask the owner where the guest room was where Jesus could eat the Passover meal with His disciples. Jesus said, "The owner will take you upstairs to a large room that is already set up" (v. 12). All these details had to come together perfectly—the right person, the right time, the right house. Everything fell precisely into place. They didn't have to persuade the owner of the house to help. No, he was expecting them. The table was "already set up."

God is not only strategically directing your steps, He's orchestrating everything around you. He's already lined up people who not only will be there to meet you, but they'll lead you to your blessing, lead you to your promotion, lead you to your spouse. They will go out of their way to show you favor. You don't have to try to manipulate people, force doors to open, or convince someone to be good to you. He's already prepared the hearts of the people He has ordained to help you. They'll already have the table set up for you.

The Scripture says, "For the Lord of hosts has purposed, and who will annul it?" (Isaiah 14:27). That's saying, "Who can stop what God has already set up?" Quit worrying about who doesn't like you, how big your obstacles are, or why you can't accomplish your dreams. It's already set up; you're right on schedule. No person, no bad break, and no addiction can stop what God has ordained. If you'll keep honoring God, being your best, what God has set up will find you. You won't have to go after it; it will come after you.

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