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Your God Rock
By Victoria Osteen - Feb 09, 2018
To illustrate his point about setting life priorities, a professor stood in front of his students, held up a large glass jar, and carefully put three big rocks in it. The rocks filled the jar to the very top of the glass, and he asked his students, "Is the jar full?" They all said yes; it looked full. Then he took a plastic bucket of gravel and began to pour gravel into the jar, stopping to shake the jar to work the gravel down into the cracks. Then he asked his students, "Is the jar full?" One student said, "Maybe not." Then the professor took a container of sand and poured the sand in, filling in all the empty spaces between the rocks and gravel.

What was his point? It wasn't that no matter how full your life is, you can always fit more into your schedule. His point was that if you put the big rocks in first, all the smaller things will fill in around them. But if you put the gravel and sand in first, you will never have room for the big rocks.

My question is, what are the big rocks, the most important priorities, in your life? Your family, your career, your volunteer work, your finances? You have to put the big rocks in your life first if you're going to be successful. And one of the big rocks that would benefit all of us is spending time with God. Our "God rock" should be the first rock. The Scripture says, "In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths" (Proverbs 3:6). If you want God to direct your paths, if you want Him to crown your efforts with success, He says, "Put Me first."

Nobody wants to move in the wrong direction. Nobody wants to waste their time hanging around the wrong people. We want to do the things that are important. We want to be productive. We want to reach the fullness of our destiny. So make the decision to put the God rock first in your jar of life, and God will help you identify the other big rocks you need. Then all the lesser priorities can make their way down and fill in the spaces. God will get you to where you need to be when you put Him first place.
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