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Seasons of Silence
By Joel Osteen - Feb 16, 2018

Do you know that God loves you so much that at times He'll hide you? He'll cause you to be overlooked. He'll cause doors to shut. He'll cause a promotion to go to your coworker. You can be talented and hidden, anointed and hidden, have great ideas and hidden. If you don't understand that it's God hiding you, you'll be frustrated and try to make things happen on your own. Before you see acclaim, you'll go through a season of obscurity. You have to pass the test when you're being hidden.

We all have times when we're praying, but our prayers aren't being answered. We're being our best, but not getting good breaks, the problem is not turning around. It seems as though God is on vacation. But the silence is not a sign that God is not working. He may not be changing the circumstances, but He is changing us. God uses the seasons of silence to get us prepared. Your character is being developed. You're gaining experience, maturity and strength that you'll need for where God is taking you.



Elijah was one of the greatest prophets in the Bible. After studying and preparing for ministry, when no one else had the courage to speak up, Elijah went to the palace and spoke the word of the Lord to wicked King Ahab. After that, I'm sure he felt confident and ready for his next big assignment. But God said to him, "Leave here, go east and hide by the Brook Cherith" (1 Kings 17:3). I can imagine Elijah saying, "Excuse me, God, but I'm Elijah. I just prophesied to the king, and I'm ready for my national tour. Why would I go and hide now?" Elijah wanted to speak to the nation, but for the next three and a half years, he spoke only to a widow and her son. God hid him. It didn't make sense to him. Elijah had big things in his heart, but he trusted God's timing and was faithful when he was hidden. When you're faithful in the silent seasons, you're passing the test. You are setting yourself on a launching pad for God to take you further than you ever dreamed.

After three and a half years, God said, "Okay, Elijah, now you're ready. Here's your next assignment." After he was hidden, after his season of silence, Elijah performed many remarkable miracles. Don't fight the silence. Don't be frustrated when you're hidden. It's a part of the process. You're on the verge of seeing favor, increase and promotion as you've never dreamed. Doors are going to open wider than you thought could open. Keep being faithful, for your appointed time is on the way!

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