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Spring Is Coming!
By Victoria Osteen - Feb 20, 2018

If it's wintertime where you live, the trees, bushes, flowers, and grass don't look like they're doing much today. The leaves have fallen, the grass is a dormant brown, and the flowers look dead. But horticulturists tell us that there is way more taking place than meets the eye. During the winter months, the nutrients that the trees, flowers, and plants use to grow and bloom are being resourced into different areas, such as for thickening the tree bark or for preparing the plant or flower for the new growth and blooming season. Unless this takes place, the trees and plants will not become what they're supposed to be.

It's the same with us. During the times when we feel as though there's nothing happening, as though we're dormant, we need to be pushing nutrients to the other areas of our life. We need to be pushing patience, faithfulness, and steadfastness to other areas, so that when it's time to go to the next level, when it's time for new growth, everything is in place and ready to bud and eventually bloom!

Starting in Genesis 37, if you read about the life of Joseph, you'll see that he was growing and doing just fine at home, but wintertime set in with a series of storms. He went from being sold into slavery, then being falsely accused of a crime and held in prison for years. I can imagine he felt his life was completely dormant and dark. But Joseph used his time wisely in the prison and all through that period pushed the faithfulness and steadfastness into his character, which prepared him to eventually become the ruler of Egypt. Think about this for a minute: Joseph was ruled before he ruled.

We have to learn the same lessons that Joseph did. During the times when it seems as though there's nothing happening, you have to be channeling your resources to other places. What do you need to work on? What is God wanting to do in your life? Are you becoming everything that you're supposed to be in this wintertime? Use those energies to grow and to become prepared for everything that the next season holds. Your life may feel dull and dark today, but your winter always gives way to spring. And when spring breaks forth, it's going to be better than you ever imagined. Look for it! It's coming!

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