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What Do You Want to Accomplish?
By Victoria Osteen - Mar 13, 2018

Whatever you want to accomplish in life, you know it takes commitment and that it's going to cost you something. Commitment involves determination, discipline, focus, and requires that you have a plan. In fact, for a time you have to serve your commitment, and eventually that commitment will serve and benefit you.

Some people fear that if they make a commitment, they'll end up being disappointed. Or they don't like the discipline it requires. Sometimes we like to keep our options open. What if there's a Plan B that comes along later that's better? But the reality is that it's only the commitments that we make with our whole hearts that cause us to gain in the long run.

When our son, Jonathan, was a little boy. I told him I wanted him to learn to play a musical instrument because it would be something he'd enjoy all his life. He said he wanted to play the guitar, so he began lessons and practicing. I explained that if he was going to learn to play well, he had to be committed to it, but he had friends coming over who wanted to play and unending interruptions. At first the tug of war was so exhausting. He tired of me telling him he had to practice, and I tired of telling him to practice! But once he committed himself and saw the beginning rewards of practicing, his commitment eventually began to serve him. Today, what was a restraint of his momentary fun has become a lifelong joy of playing and singing that he would not have experienced without his commitment.



What is it that you want to accomplish? Proverbs 16:3 says, "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans." You can't do it on your own, but you're not on your own. You can commit those important things in your life to the God who is committed to you! He is saying, "Focus on your commitments, and believe that I'm going to help you bring them to pass." You have to put your plans into action if God is going to help you. It takes steps of faith on your part.

You may be right on the threshold of a new freedom, but you have to make a wholehearted commitment. Commit those important things to God, and renew that commitment on a daily basis. Put actions behind your commitment so that God can release His power in your life. I believe there's freedom that you're going to experience that will last a lifetime!

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