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Be Someone's Miracle
By Victoria Osteen - Jun 05, 2018
I love the parable of the Good Samaritan that Jesus told in Luke 10. Unlike the priest and the religious Levite who both saw the wounded man lying at the side of road and kept on walking, the Samaritan “saw him and had compassion on him.” He bandaged him up, put him on his donkey, took him to an inn, gave the innkeeper money for his care, and promised to return and pay for any more expenses incurred. Jesus' simple word to us is, “Go and do likewise. Love your neighbor as yourself. Open your heart of compassion. Let Me use you to help others in need.”

We’re all busy. Even the Samaritan man must have been busy. He had to leave to take care of something else, but not before his compassion had been poured out. We can’t get so busy with our own lives that we fail to notice the needs of the people around us. Jesus directs us to follow love to them and let it guide us into action. Sometimes God wants us to be that person’s miracle. He wants us to release our influence and love on this earth.

About eight years ago, we lived next door to a beautiful family. The wife, who was my age, came down with cancer and eventually died, leaving behind her husband and two young girls. My heart went out to them, and I became close to the older girl who was around twelve years old. I told her how much I loved her and that I was right next door to help with anything they needed. She came to church with me on several occasions and loved it. Shortly after that, though, her family moved away, and I completely lost touch with them. But just a few days ago, out of the blue, I suddenly thought about this girl again. I don’t know why God put that in my heart after eight years. But I felt His divine flow of love for this girl, and I began to pray and pray for her. I hope to locate and make contact with her soon.

We need to be aware of the people whom God puts on our heart. Maybe your spouse or child said something yesterday and you just realized, “Wow, they were hurting, and I missed it.” God wants you to act on that compassion. Recognize that God is saying, “Move now. Reach out. Be there. Listen. Tell them you love them and want to help in any way you can.” You never know. It might just heal a heart and change the course of their destiny!
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