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Have a Son Mentality
By Joel Osteen - Oct 05, 2018
Many years ago, there was a man in Europe who saved up all his money to come to America. After months and months, he finally had just enough to purchase the ticket on a passenger ship. It was going to take two months to cross the Atlantic, so he brought a suitcase filled with the only food that he could afford—cheese and crackers. When the other passengers on the ship went to the beautiful dining room to have their fancy meals, he would go over into a corner and eat his cheese and crackers. Week after week, he could smell the delicious foods and wanted to join the other passengers so badly. The last day of the trip, another passenger came over and said, “I see you always over here eating cheese and crackers. Why don’t you come in and have dinner with us?” The man was embarrassed and replied, “I only had enough money to buy my ticket. I didn’t have enough to purchase the meals.” The other passenger shook his head and said, “Didn’t you realize the meals were included in the price of the ticket? You had the right to be in here with us the whole time.”

I wonder how many of us are missing out on God’s best because we don’t realize the meals have been paid for. We’re over in the corner, so to speak, like a servant eating cheese and crackers, when God is saying, “You’re a son. You’re a daughter. Step up to the table. I’ve paid the price. There’s a place with your name on it.” You may have made mistakes—forgiveness has been paid for, mercy has been paid for. You had bad breaks and people did you wrong—new beginnings have been paid for. Beauty for ashes belongs to you. Why don’t you come on up to the table? You’re struggling with your finances, and nobody in your family has gotten ahead. Don’t be satisfied with cheese and crackers. Abundance has been paid for. New levels are in your future.

Sometimes what’s holding us back is that we don’t really know who we are. We think we’re average, just ordinary, when in fact, we are royalty. The Scripture says, “Beloved, now are you the sons of God” (1 John 3:2). We are sons and daughters of the Most High God. When God breathed His life into you, He crowned you with His favor. He put a robe of righteousness on you. He says, “You have been fearfully and wonderfully made.” Don’t go through life with a cheese-and-crackers mentality. Have a son mentality, an abundant mentality.
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