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Shift Your Perspective
By Victoria Osteen - Oct 09, 2018
I have two beautiful lemon trees in my backyard, and they’re full of fruit right now. I was in the backyard with a friend, and when she saw the lemon trees, she said, “Those are the most amazing lime trees I’ve ever seen.” I started to laugh and said, “Those aren’t lime trees. They’re lemon trees.” She said, “Those look like limes to me.” I replied, “That’s because the fruit is still in process. They’re not finished yet. They’re green now and look like limes, but they’ll soon turn yellow. Right now, they don’t look the way they’re going to look.”

The writer of Hebrews says, “We inherit the promises of God through faith and patience” (Hebrews 6:12). Just as those lemons are in process, you are in the process of becoming everything God wants you to be. You may not look like you want to look or be where you want to be, but don’t devalue the journey to get there. Don’t start thinking that the journey isn’t worth it. Don’t despise the process because you just want to get to the promises. Can I tell you this? The process is what builds your strength and develops you. The process is what makes you become what God’s called you to be.

You are on a journey of faith. If you’re going to experience the fullness of God’s promises, you have to develop the ability to see beyond where you are right now. It’s easy to get stuck in a problem. It’s easy to see what didn’t work out, what didn’t happen, the mistakes you’ve made, or what someone else did to you. It becomes difficult to see the next step sometimes. But when we take our eyes off the problems that are trying to hold us back, we can put them on the promises of God. That’s how we’re going to rise above where we are right now.

If you find yourself consumed with a problem today, if you’re going through a transition in your life, if you’re wondering how something is going to work out, it’s time to lift your eyes from the problem and set your eyes on the promises. You have to realize that beyond where you are there are greater heights, greater victories, greater strengths, and greater anointings. It’s time to shift your perspective to God’s promises. I believe that if you won’t get stuck, if you won’t settle where you are, if you’ll continue the process, you will see God’s faithfulness and provision. You will see His promises and come to know God in a way you have never known before. You will become everything God intended you to be.
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