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Lift Your Eyes
By Victoria Osteen - Oct 30, 2018
You may be familiar with Abraham’s story in the book of Genesis. God said, “Abraham, go from your country and your father’s house to the land I will show you.” Abraham went on this journey with his family and his nephew Lot, but at one point Abraham and Lot had to separate ways because their possessions became so great that the land couldn’t sustain both of them. Abraham said to Lot, “You choose the land you want.” So Lot took the beautiful, flourishing land to the east. When Abraham looked at the land that remained, he saw a bunch of dirt and dust. It was much less desirable than the lush land that Lot had chosen. But it was at that point that God said to Abraham, “Lift up your eyes now. Look out as far as you can see to the north, the south, the east, and the west. All the land you can see, I will give it to you.” For that promise from God, Abraham had to lift his eyes.

I love the phrase “lift your eyes” because the lifted eyes became the theme of Abraham’s life. God knew that Abraham could easily get his eyes on the wrong thing. He could have easily said, “Why did I make the mistake of letting Lot get the best land? Now I’m stuck in the dirt and the dust.” God wanted Abraham to lift his eyes so he could see beyond the dust and the dirt and begin to see his destiny unfold, begin to see what God wanted to do in his life.

Do you know that the name Lot means “veil?” When Abraham separated from Lot, it was as though God lifted the veil from his eyes, and he was able to see God in new ways. God wanted to reveal Himself to Abraham in unseen ways. When God spoke to Abraham and told him that he was going to be a father of many nations and a blessing to people all over the earth, he didn’t even have any children. He didn’t look anything like what God was saying about him, but God’s promises were spoken in the unseen realm. God’s promises were spoken but not seen yet. The veil was lifted off Abraham’s eyes so he could see into the supernatural realm and get a glimpse of what God wanted to do.

It may have looked as though Lot got paradise, but Abraham got the promise and you do, too. You have the promises of God. In fact, the veil has been lifted from your eyes. It has been torn in two by the power of Christ, and along your journey God wants to show you things you haven’t seen before. He wants to reveal Himself in powerful ways. Remember that God’s promises are progressive, meaning they unfold in His timing. They may not be seen yet, but it’s only a matter of time until God gets you to where you need to be, until you start looking like God says you’re going to look, until you start having what God says you’re going to have. It’s progressive, and it’s in God’s timing. You have the promises.
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