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Don't Try to Hide Your Scars
By Joel Osteen - Nov 09, 2018
It’s interesting that when a great flood covered the earth, Noah’s family was the only one that was saved. The Scripture says, “Noah found favor with the Lord” (Genesis 6:8). It doesn’t say Noah’s sons had favor, but because they were connected to Noah, their lives were spared. The principle is, when you are connected with people who are favored, people who are further along, people who are more successful, then that favor will flow down to you. You’ll see increase and blessing because of your association.

You should be in relationship with people who inspire you, challenge you, and make you strive to do better. When you’re connected to someone who’s blessed, someone you respect and admire, someone you can learn from and serve, the more blessed they are, the more blessed you’re going to be. Eventually, you’re going to look like who you’re connected to. The question is, are you connected to people who have what you want? Or, are you connected to people who are critical, negative, can’t get ahead, drain your energy and cause you to compromise? It’s fine to be a good influence to them and encourage them, but if you’re spending all your time with them, you’re going to become just like them. What they have will rub off on you.

You need to disconnect from people who are hindering your growth, limiting your potential and causing you to compromise, and you need to find some favor connections. You need to connect with people who are going places, who are at another level, who have what you dream about. You need some eagles in your life. You can’t hang around with chickens and reach your destiny. You can’t spend all your free time with crows, with people who complain, or with turkeys, with people who have accepted mediocrity. You need people who are soaring, who are taking new ground, who think bigger than you, who dream bigger, and who will expose you to levels you’ve never seen.

God has already lined up these favor connections for you—people who are ordained to help you go further. God will use them to let you get a glimpse into the next level, to show you where He’s taking you. You have to expand your vision and thinking for the new things God has in store. If you’ll sow into them, serve them, honor them, glean from them, then as they go higher, because you’re connected, you’ll go higher. Now do your part and get in agreement with God. Don’t think it’s impossible. God has ways to do it that you’ve never thought of.
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