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God Has a String on It
By Joel Osteen - Nov 16, 2018

When I was a little boy, my father gave me a cowboy puppet made out of wood. It had two small gloves where I put my fingers and had strings attached to its different parts. When I moved one finger right, the puppet waved. My other finger caused him to shake his head. I could make him dance, make him run, make him lie down. I loved that puppet so much. I would get behind a curtain and put on puppet shows for my little sister. All she could see was the puppet. She would laugh when the puppet danced and wave when the puppet waved. She was so engrossed in the show that she forgot I was pulling the strings, orchestrating his every move.  

In a similar way, you’re not doing life on your own. God is behind the scenes pulling the strings, so to speak, orchestrating your life. The Scripture says, “God’s strong hand and outstretched arm are toward you” (Psalm 136:12). The One who controls your strings is not limited by the natural; He’s supernatural. You can’t see Him; He’s behind the scenes, but He controls the universe. He’s working all things according to His will and for your good. When God is ready to promote you, He doesn’t check with your supervisor. He simply pulls the string. He controls what doors open. He controls what breaks come your way. Don’t be discouraged by your boss. God has a string on your boss. Don’t lose sleep over the people who are against you. God has a string on who’s trying to stop you. When it’s time, He’ll pull the string. You don’t have to be stressed because you have opposition and things haven’t worked out. You’re still connected. God has strings on you and everything affecting you.  

What are you worrying about? Why are you losing sleep? You may not see how it can work out, but what you can’t see is the Most High God is maneuvering things in your favor. You don’t have to worry. God has a string on it. Don’t get discouraged about that door you couldn’t open. God has a string on it. He has a string on your finances. He’s about to bring promotion, opportunity, and increase that you didn’t see coming. You’re going to know it was the outstretched hand of God pulling strings. That sickness that’s been there a long time, stay in faith. God has a string on it. He’s about to pull healing to you, freedom to you, wholeness to you.  

Live from a place of peace, knowing that nothing happens randomly—your steps are divinely orchestrated.

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