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The End of the Rope is Not the End
By Joel Osteen - Dec 14, 2018
I talked to an older gentleman who had struggled with drugs and alcohol for most of his life. He had gone to rehab again and again, but he would always fall back. Over the years he felt like such a failure that he came to the point when he didn’t want to live. But he turned on the television and started listening to our program. He said, “Joel, everybody told me how bad I was, how I was a failure. You were the first one to tell me that I was made in the image of God.” He’d never had anyone speak life into him and tell him what he could become. When he heard me say, “You are a child of the Most High God,” he got down on his knees and said, “God, I’ve tried to clean up the mess I’ve made of my life, but I can’t do this by myself. Please help me to change.” From that moment on, he never had the desire for the drugs or alcohol again. Today he works in prisons, letting the inmates know how they too can become children of the Most High God.

You may have failed, but you are not a failure. Failure is an event, it’s not who you are. You may have an addiction, but you’re not an addict. What you struggle with is not who you are. What you do may not be good, but that's not who you are. The Creator of the universe breathed life into you. Like this man, you may have gotten off course, but God is saying, “I’m still going to bless you and show you My favor. I’m still going to free you and use you to help others.”

Jesus says, “You are blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and His rule” (Matthew 5:3). That means His favor, His healing, His freedom. This man was at the end of his rope, but God showed up and brought freedom. You may be facing a medical situation that doesn’t look good. Something in a relationship, in your finances or business is at the end of the rope. Have a new perspective. When you’re at the end, it’s a blessing in disguise. You’re in prime position for God to show out in your life. He’s saying to you, “I am the Almighty God. What I promised you is still on the way.” Those dreams you’ve given up on, they’re on the way. That healing you’re praying about, it’s on the way. The freedom, the right person, the baby you’ve been believing for, it’s on the way.
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