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God's Gracious Hand of Favor
By Victoria Osteen - Jan 02, 2019
Have you ever wanted to believe for something really big in your life and pray a big prayer but stopped because you looked at yourself and asked, “Could that really happen to me? Could I really accomplish that?” I think we’ve all fallen into that trap. We stop short because we realize we don’t have the resources or the connections or the experience to do something extraordinary. Too often we limit God because we don’t feel like we have what it takes. We forget to look at our God and His resources to do the extraordinary. We forget that He designed us to be special and to walk with His favor on our lives.

Think about Moses. He was born into slavery and his family had no resources. When he was born, he was supposed to be killed by orders of the Pharaoh, but he was spared and ended up being raised in Pharaoh’s daughter’s palace. What was that? Later when he tried to come to the aid of one of his fellow Hebrews, he had to flee Egypt, and for the next forty years he held the position of a shepherd in the wilderness. He could have easily felt his life was a waste, but God called him to go back and liberate the Israelites even though he felt totally incapable. Yet he did! When it looked like Pharaoh and his army would destroy them at the Red Sea, it was Moses who raised his rod, the waters parted, and the Israelites were saved! If you read about the life of Moses in today’s newspaper, you’d say, “That’s crazy sensationalism! That couldn’t have happened.”

So how did it happen? How did Moses come out of nowhere to liberate an entire nation? Psalm 90 is a beautiful prayer that was written by Moses, and in the last verse he says, “May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us.” Moses knew that what he accomplished was simply due to the gracious hand of God’s favor that was on his life. By himself, he had no resources, no position, and no connections to make it happen.

Let’s believe for God to do extraordinary things in our lives. God created you to be special. He’s placed something on your life that gives you the advantage. Your victories are not going to be won by your own strength. What’s going to bring about the extraordinary in your life is by God’s gracious hand of favor on your life. Receive His favor today as a free gift, then receive it again tomorrow and know that you can accomplish extraordinary things in your life!
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