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What's Your Name Worth
By Joel Osteen - Jan 04, 2019
There’s a lot of compromise in our society. People think nothing about being dishonest, making underhand deals or keeping their word, then they wonder why they can’t get ahead. It’s because they don’t have integrity. Integrity is the foundation that a successful life is built on. You can have talent, determination and vision, but without integrity, you won’t reach your full potential.

Many things we face are simply tests. God is seeing whether or not we’re ready to go higher. A person of integrity does the right thing when no one is watching. You don’t slack off because the boss stepped out, or leave someone out of a commission because they didn’t know about the sale, or cut corners on the job site because nobody will find out. When you have integrity, you don’t take supplies from the office to use at home or call in sick and then spend the day shopping. When the cashier gives you too much money in return, you make it right. You pay your bills on time and keep your commitments. You don’t promise people the moon when you know you can’t get to the clouds. You don’t write a check and then pray that it will clear. You check your balance first. You’re honest, trustworthy, a person of your word.

Where does it start? David said, “I will lead a life of integrity in my own home” (Psalm 101:2). David wasn’t perfect, but he was saying, “Starting in my private life, when I could compromise, give in to temptation or cheat people, instead, I’m going to do the right thing. I’m going be a person of excellence and show God that He can trust me.” He went on to say, “I will not look at anything impure. I won’t watch things that are going to poison me. I will not have anything to do with crooked dealings, things that are shady, not ethical.”

Your reputation is one of the most valuable things you have. Proverbs 22:1 says, “A good name is worth more than great riches.” You can have great riches and be despised. But when you’re a person of integrity, people will look at you and say, “I can trust them. They always do the right thing. They’re honest, fair and consistent. They don’t talk one way to me and then another way behind my back.” People are watching you. Your name is too important to let it become tarnished by not having integrity. Don’t let small things keep you from the big blessings God has in store. Start passing these tests.
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