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Taste and See
By Joel Osteen - Feb 22, 2019

After God delivered the Israelites out of slavery, Moses led them through the desert toward the Promised Land, but they never went in. Because they complained and had wrong mindsets, that generation wandered in the wilderness for forty years, only seeing God's goodness in part and the Promised Land from a distance. They heard about the land flowing with milk and honey, dreamed about it, hoped it would happen, but they died without ever seeing it come to pass.

God raised up a young man named Joshua to replace Moses. He led this new generation, the children of the first group that had died. They had a different mindset that took them into the Promised Land. Joshua and his people didn't just hear about the land of milk and honey, they conquered and lived in the land of milk and honey. They tasted the great clusters of grapes their parents had only seen. All that their parents dreamed of—the provision, the peace, the abundance, the victory—the Joshua generation experienced.


Sometimes thoughts will tell you, "What you're dreaming about will always only be a dream, just a wish, a hope. Others in your family tried to get ahead, tried to start a business, tried to break the addiction, tried to overcome the depression, but they couldn't do it, and neither will you." That would be true if you were with Moses and the first generation. The good news is you are a part of the Joshua generation. You're not going to just dream the dream, you're going to live your dream. You're going to go where no one in your family has gone. David said, "Taste and see that the Lord is good" (Psalm 34:8). You're going to taste the grapes, taste the abundance, taste the healing, taste the freedom.

You're going to take new ground in your finances, in your health, in your relationships. Areas that looked like they would never change are shifting. Favor is coming in new ways—opportunities, breakthroughs, the right people. God is going to do something that surpasses anything you've ever seen. It will be unprecedented, out of the ordinary. The Scripture says, "Stand still and watch the Lord show His mighty power" (1 Samuel 12:16). You're not going to have to make this happen through your own efforts, your strength, your talent, your determination. It's going to be the hand of God. Stand still and watch Him show out in your life. Get in agreement with Him and all through the day say, "Lord, thank You that I'm the Joshua generation." If you'll do this, you will take new ground, set new standards, and step into new levels.

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