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What You've Never Dreamed
By Joel Osteen - Mar 08, 2019

A friend of mine started his design company with three clients. His main competitor had thousands of clients. Some of the people there were jealous of his work and made disparaging remarks about how much bigger their company was and how he didn’t know what he was doing. He didn’t pay any attention to it. He just kept honoring God, being his best, running his race. One client led to another and to another. New doors kept opening. When he finally passed that other company up, they came to him and asked if he wanted to purchase them. Today he owns the company that had been hundreds of times bigger than his. He told me, “I didn’t see that coming. I never dreamed I’d be this successful.”

You may have a thousand excuses for why you can’t accomplish your dreams and for why you should settle where you are because you’ve reached your limit. But God is saying, “I’m about to show you unexpected favor, unexpected increase, unexpected promotion, unexpected healing, unexpected turnarounds.” You won’t see it coming, you won’t be next in line, and you won’t deserve it. It’s just the goodness of God. Do you think God can’t reach you, that your problem is too big, you’re too far back, you’ve made too many mistakes? God said to Moses, “Is the arm of the Lord too short to deliver?” (Numbers 11:23). No, the arm of the Lord will deliver you, provide for you, vindicate you, and promote you. You’re about to see God take you where you couldn’t go on your own.


As King David considered his life, he said, “Who am I, Sovereign Lord, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far” (2 Samuel 7:18). He was saying, “I’m not the biggest, the strongest, the most qualified. I didn’t come from royalty. I was a shepherd and look where You’ve taken me.” He didn’t have to go after it; it came after him. God has some far and beyond opportunities that are about to come looking for you. It’s the arm of the Lord reaching down to promote, to elevate, to increase. Like David and my friend, you’re going to look back and say, “God, look what You’ve done in my life. I never dreamed You would take me to this level.” Now keep your faith out there. You’re about to come in to unexpected favor, unexpected promotion, unexpected breakthroughs. You’re going to step into new levels, set a new standard for your family, and reach the fullness of destiny.

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