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Is That What You Want?
By Victoria Osteen - Jul 16, 2019
A while ago I was talking with a woman who was lovingly concerned about her daughter who was working at a job where she wasn’t getting any breaks while other less talented employees were getting ahead, but she painted such a gloomy scenario that I started to feel depressed. So I asked her, “Is that what you want for your daughter?” She said, “No, of course not.” I said, “Then you have to quit prophesying doom about her future.” If she convinced herself that’s what was going to happen, she was also going to speak those words to her daughter. I said, “What you need to begin to say is, ‘Thank You, Father, for unprecedented favor in my daughter’s workplace. Thank You that she’s going to get the supernatural breaks she needs.’ Begin to prophesy her abundant future.”

Think about the woman described in Mark 5 who had suffered with bleeding in her body for twelve long years. She’d spent all her money on doctors but only gotten worse. Can you imagine the negative voices in her head? “You’ve tried everything. It’s hopeless.” But when she heard Jesus was coming to her town, she kept saying to herself, “If I can only touch His cloak, I will be healed.” She could have listened to all the negative voices that said there was no reason to think Jesus could help her, but these words fueled her faith and gave her the strength to push through the crowds thronging around Jesus. And with that last reach up behind Him, she was saying, “If I can only touch Him…” Her words got her to the hem of Jesus’ cloak, and the power came out of Him and gave her a miracle.

A word of faith set her on course to get to where she needed to be, and the same is true for you and me. She not only had to push through the crowd of people but through the crowd of negative voices in her head that said, “It’s too late for you.” If you’re going to direct your life in the course to receive your miracle, you have to push through the voices and the opinions of others. You have to be strong with your words of faith as well as to be strong in your thoughts. And the best way to get your thoughts to line up is to release your words of faith. Words reinforce what you think. Make God bigger than anything else that you see.

That woman prophesied her future that day, and you and I have the ability to prophesy the course of our life as well.
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