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Start Calling It In
By Joel Osteen - Sep 06, 2019
It’s not enough to just believe a dream will come to pass or just think positive and hope something will happen. You have to take the next step and call it in. Words give life to our faith. When you’re sick, you need to call in healing. “Father, thank You that You’re restoring health to me. Thank You that by Your stripes I am healed.” That’s not just quoting Scripture; that’s calling in wholeness. When you’re struggling in your finances, call in abundance. “Father, thank You that I am blessed. Thank You that You’re supplying all my needs, that You’re a more-than-enough God.” Maybe you’re single and wanting to meet someone. It’s fine to pray and believe, but also call in that spouse. “Father, thank You that You have someone awesome coming my way. Thank You that no good thing will You withhold because I walk uprightly.” You have to call in divine connections. You can be specific. “I call in somebody kind, loving, godly, and fun.” As long as you can back it up with Scripture, you can call it in.

“Well, Joel, I can’t just say things and it’s going to happen.” It’s already happening. You are what you are today because of what you’ve been saying about yourself, because of what you’ve been calling in. “I’ll never get out of debt.” You just called in lack, called in struggle. “I’ll never get well.” You just called in sickness. “I’ll never meet the right person.” You just called in loneliness. Pay attention to what you’re calling because it’s going to come. The Scripture says, “You will eat the fruit of your words” (Proverbs 18:21). What you’re always talking about, you’re inviting into your life. Don’t invite defeat or lack. If you’re struggling with an addiction, don’t say another time, “I’ll never break this bad habit.” Call in freedom. All through the day you need to say, “I am free. I am clean. I am whole. No weapon formed against me will prosper.”

The Scripture says, “Let the weak say, ‘I am strong’” (Joel 3:10). It doesn’t say let the weak say I am weak. Why? Because that’s calling in more weakness. You have to call in strength, call in vitality, call in energy. You can’t call in defeat and have victory. You can’t call in lack and have abundance. You can’t go around calling in negative things about yourself and feel good about who you are. Start calling in what you want and not what you have. Don’t say what you feel; say what God says about you.
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