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Good Enough Is Not Good Enough
By Joel Osteen - Sep 20, 2019
All of us have dreams we’re believing for, but too often we get discouraged and quit believing for the fullness of what’s in our heart. It’s easy to water down what God promised us. “I don’t like this job, but it’s good enough.” “I was believing for a house, but this apartment is okay.” “I was hoping to get well, but I’ve learned to live with this sickness.”

If you’re going to become all you were created to be, you have to keep a fire in your spirit that says, “I refuse to settle for less than what God promised me.” You’re not going to be talked out of it, you’re not going to water it down, and you’re not going to let good enough be good enough. It may be more difficult and taking longer than you thought. The good news is, what God promised you is still on the way—not a watered-down version, not a make-do promotion, not a partial healing, not a good-enough marriage. God doesn’t water down what He’s spoken to us.

In Daniel 6, when the three Hebrew teenagers were thrown into the fiery furnace because they wouldn’t bow to the king’s golden idol, they were bound with cords. They should have been killed instantly, but when the king gazed into the furnace, he said, “Didn’t we throw three bound men in? I see four men unbound, and one looks like the Son of God.” Here’s my point: your hands may be tied today—you’ve worked, prayed, believed, and done the right thing, but it seems like your dream is never going to work out. The good news is, God’s hands are not tied. He’s not limited by what’s limiting you.

I believe your cords are being broken. What’s restricted you in the past has lost its grip—that addiction, that sickness, that lack, the bad breaks, those people who are against you. It’s a new day. The fourth man has shown up. Like the Hebrew teenagers, you’re coming out, not bound but loosed, free, whole, vindicated, promoted, with that dream you were believing for. See yourself breaking the addiction. See yourself rising to new levels, paying your house off, out of debt. See yourself happily married, with children who are serving God. Your hands are not tied anymore. God is releasing you into new levels of your destiny.

Mediocrity is not your home, good enough is not your destiny, and getting by is not where you belong. Don’t settle for less than what you know God put in your heart. Get your passion back and go after the destiny that belongs to you.
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