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Dreams Are Waking Up
By Joel Osteen - Oct 04, 2019

I talked to a young lady who had gone through six miscarriages. She was so discouraged, so full of tears and heartache. She had decided she wasn't going to try again. The doctors told her that her body couldn't carry the baby. I told her, "You have to look again. God has a baby with your name on it. The dream He put in your heart is still going to come to pass." Sometimes the most difficult prayer is to pray again for what hasn't worked out, for what we tried and failed at, to believe again for the dream. This is when many people get talked out of their destiny.

A couple of years ago I saw her again. She was carrying a beautiful baby girl. I'll never forget the smile on this young lady's face. She said, "My doctors are amazed. They don't know how this happened, but I know it was the hand of God." God can do what medicine cannot do. He controls the universe. Like her, you may have had some disappointments, but don't settle where you are. Don't give up on what God put in your heart. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. It didn't work out the first time, look again. The second time, look again. Keep believing, keep dreaming, keep trying. Like her, you're going to see what God promised you.



In Mark 5, a man named Jairus had a twelve-year-old daughter who was very sick. Jesus said that He would come to the house and heal her, but there was a great crowd that kept stopping Jesus. It was one delay after another. Then someone came from Jairus's house and said, "Your daughter has died. There's no use troubling Jesus now." Jesus overheard it and said to Jairus, "Don't be afraid; just believe." When Jesus arrived at the house, everyone was crying, but Jesus said, "The child is not dead but asleep." He went in and said to her, "Get up!" And instantly she stood up and was perfectly well.

There are times when it feels like what God has promised us has died. It's been too long. All the circumstances say it's not going to happen. God is saying to us what He said to Jairus: "Just trust Me. I still have a way." God is about to wake up what you thought was dead. He's going to bring to life dreams you've given up on. Now do your part and look again. Start expecting, start believing, get your hopes up. If you do this, I believe and declare dreams are waking up right now.

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