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God Will Crown Your Efforts
By Victoria Osteen - Oct 29, 2019
All of us have areas of our life that we want to see grow and flourish, but sometimes it’s so discouraging. Perhaps you determined to save money toward the down payment on a house, and you started to see the savings account grow, but then your car broke down and took all those savings and more. Or maybe you wanted to renew your relationship with God, so you started to go back to church and enter into praise and reading God’s Word, but then someone there said something that offended you and put you off.

We know that if we’re going to see desired changes in our life, we have to keep planting seeds and doing the right things. But sometimes when we face setbacks and delays, thoughts of discouragement come and overwhelm. We think, “I can’t do this. It’s never going to change.” But can I encourage you that God is going to do new things with the seed that you sow? He says, “Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim…and everywhere you look, blessings!” (Amos 9:13). He’s going to accelerate the seed that you sow, but you need to have an acceleration mindset. You can’t fall prey to negative thoughts. If you continue to throw out those seeds every day, you will reap a harvest.

In Luke 8, Jesus told the parable of the man who went out to sow his seed in the field. Where the soil was packed down, the seeds remained on the surface, and the birds came and ate the seed. But Jesus also talked about seed falling on good soil and producing an amazing crop. He didn’t mention the birds coming and eating the seed there, though I’m sure they did. He wanted you to see that if you keep throwing those seeds out and keep the soil of your heart good, they’re going to take root and grow. He’s saying, “Don’t look at the birds; look at your seed. The seeds that you are sowing will outlast any birds, any trials, any difficulties that you face. Just keep your soil fertile with praise and thanksgiving. Keep doing what’s right, keep going to church, keep reading the Word, and keep praying. You won’t be disappointed. I’ll crown your efforts with success.”

There will always be birds trying to steal your seed. Just keep sowing your seeds, and He can cause things to happen that you’ve never dreamed possible. Be determined and say, “I’m not going to focus on the problems. I’m focusing on the fact that my God is able to take the seed and do more than I can ask, think, or imagine.”
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