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Tap Into Grace
By Joel Osteen - Nov 08, 2019

We all have things happen to us that we don’t understand. Things take much longer than we think they should. Doors close. We work hard but don’t get the promotion. The loan didn’t go through. A coworker lied about us, and it set us back. It’s easy to get frustrated and fight against what we don’t like. “God, why is this happening? When are You going to change it?” We think it’s holding us back, but the psalmist says that “everything serves God’s plan” (Psalm 119:91). He didn’t say just the good things—the times you’re promoted, getting good breaks, and things change in your favor.

What we don’t always realize is the delays, the friend’s betrayal, and the person who walked away are serving His plan. You’re being developed, getting stronger through it. Without it, you wouldn’t be prepared for what’s coming. When you understand that everything serves His plan, you won’t live frustrated by things that aren’t fair and stressed over things you don’t like. You realize the closed door wasn’t a bad break; it was God shutting the door. The person who walked away wasn’t a coincidence; God moved them out so you could move forward. It was serving His plan.

The apostle Paul asked three times for God to remove something that was deeply troubling to him. God could have easily removed it, but instead He said to Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9). God’s grace doesn’t mean He’s going to remove the challenge or that the opposition will let up. It means He’s going to increase your strength so it doesn’t feel as difficult. As you get stronger, what you’re up against becomes easier. Now you can handle what you couldn’t handle before. You’re not bothered by what used to bother you. That coworker who used to get on your nerves hasn’t changed, but you’ve changed. You don’t let him steal your joy. What’s happening? You’re growing. The obstacle is not changing, but it’s changing you. That’s God’s plan working.

You may have situations you’ve been dealing with for a long time, and you’re tired and discouraged. I believe right now grace is coming on you in a new way. God is breathing strength into you, a second wind of fresh passion, so you can stand strong and outlast what’s trying to stop you. Now do your part and tap into that grace. Turn it around and say, “Father, thank You that Your grace is sufficient for everything I’m facing. I know it’s serving Your plan. I’m not just going to go through it, I’m going to grow through it.”

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