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Be a No Lack Person
By Joel Osteen - Jan 03, 2020
David says in Psalm 23, “Because the Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need.” It’s very powerful when you can say, “I have the talent I need. I have the looks I need. I have the personality I need. I have the strength I need.” David had plenty of opportunities to live with a deficit mentality. Before he became the greatest king who ever lived, it is well documented that he was discounted by his father and his brothers. If David had relied on other people to get his approval, he never would have stepped into his destiny.

Maybe someone has discounted you and made you feel that you’re not attractive enough, not talented enough, not up to par. Don’t believe those lies. They didn’t breathe life into you. They don’t determine your destiny. Do as David did and say, “Father, thank You that I have everything I need in You.” You don’t need their approval or validation. The Most High God has approved you. He’s the only One who matters.

A while back I was at home riding a stationary bike. I had my earphones plugged into my phone and was listening to a podcast, but my phone fell to the floor and jerked the earphones out. When I picked up the earphones, one of the little rubber tips had come off of the earphones. I searched all over and around the bike, moved other equipment around, on and on, but it was nowhere to be found. Later that evening, I went to scratch my ear and felt something odd—the rubber tip. I had it the whole time, but I didn’t realize it.

I wonder if there’s something you’re looking for that you already have. You’re saying, “I wish I had a better personality. I don’t have the confidence I need. I’ll never accomplish my dream.” That’s a deficit mentality. As long as you think you’re at a disadvantage, that you got shortchanged, that you’re not up to par, it’s going to limit your life. You’re looking around you, but God is saying, “Look in you. You have the talent. You have the confidence. You have the creativity.” Psalm 34:10 says, “Those who trust in the Lord will never lack any good thing.” You need to see yourself as a no-lack person. Get up every morning and say, “Father, thank You that I am enough. I’m talented enough, attractive enough, and strong enough.” If you do this, abundance is about to flow. God will multiply what you have, and your gifts will come out in a greater way. New doors are about to open, with favor, promotion, and good breaks.
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