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Has God Hidden You?
By Victoria Osteen - Jan 31, 2020

As a teenager, David was anointed to be the next king of Israel, but he didn't go straight to the throne. God hid him away in years of isolation doing the same thing he'd been doing, taking care of his father's sheep. It was boring. Nobody knew who he was or was watching him. He felt lonely, overlooked, and forgotten. I'm sure David thought, "God, You said I was going to be the king. You said I'd lead a nation. So why am I stuck out here in the shepherds' fields? I have so much more in me."

This period of isolation was an incredibly important time in David's life. They were proving years, where he showed God what he was made of. He showed God that he'd be faithful. David could have gotten discouraged and slacked off, but he took care of the sheep as though he was taking care of the nation. He risked his life to kill a lion and a bear. In anonymity, when nobody knew his name, David became a person of excellence. He waited patiently for his time to come and took the attitude: "For God alone my soul waits in silence and quietly submits to Him, for my hope is from Him" (Psalm 62:5). After he passed the test of being faithful in obscurity, God knew He could trust him with prominence.

As with David, you may have big dreams, but nobody is noticing you. God has spoken promises over you, but you're not seeing increase and promotion. Don't get discouraged. Nothing is wrong. It's because God has you hidden. You're not off course or getting behind; you're in a time of preparation, a time of training. God is getting you ready for what He has in store. If you keep doing the right thing, you will come into a time when God will cause you to be seen. Promotion doesn't come from people; it comes from the Lord. When it's your time, no person, no bad break, and no injustice can stop you. Just as God hid you, He will bring you out into the open. He'll shine His light on you and cause you to go where you could not go on your own. Don't let the silence discourage you for your time is coming.

In seasons of isolation, deal with the issues God brings to light. Do the right thing when it's hard, keep a good attitude when people are not treating you right, go the extra mile when nobody is watching. God's doing a work in you. It's an opportunity to grow, to get stronger, to come up higher. You're getting prepared to go to new levels.

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