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The Time Is Now
By Joel Osteen - Mar 20, 2020
There are times when we suddenly know we’re supposed to do something. We feel a strong urging in our spirit, telling us to forgive someone, or to start a business, or to get free from an addiction. Suddenly, we know it’s time to get in shape or push for a promotion. Those are not just nice thoughts; that’s God speaking to us. With that urging, you’ll feel faith rising up, a “can do” power. You’ll have the determination and strength to do what you couldn’t do before.

But this is a window of grace that doesn’t last forever. Too often we hear that still, small voice, but we put it off. The problem is that the window is going to close. The Scripture says, “Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your heart” (Hebrews 3:15). That’s not just talking about salvation. When you hear His voice telling you to treat your spouse more respectfully or to tithe your income, the reason it’s so strong is He’s opening a window of grace. Now is the time to obey—not tomorrow, not next week. When the window of grace opens, you’ll have a divine empowerment. It’s a destiny moment when God is making a way where you can come up higher. When you feel that faith, step into it. That’s God saying, “This is your time.”

In Acts 24, the apostle Paul was on trial for sharing his faith, presenting his case before the Roman governor of Judea, a man named Felix. Intrigued by Paul, Felix sent for Paul to come talk with him and his wife. Paul discussed his faith and how important it is to live a godly life and have self-control in the light of the judgment to come. Felix was a ruthless, immoral governor, and he felt convicted and afraid. He knew he needed to change. This was a window of grace. But Felix said to Paul, “Go away for now. When a more convenient time comes, I’ll send for you.” He put off dealing with the conviction, and we don’t know if that convenient time ever came. Two years later, he was out of office, and we never hear from him again.

Are you waiting for a more convenient time, putting off a conviction or a change of attitude, ignoring that the still, small voice, talking yourself out of taking a step of faith? You don’t know how long the window is going to be open. Don’t keep making excuses. When you have the faith for it, that’s the time to act. Today, when you hear His voice, step into the grace. Take advantage of the opportunity God is offering you to come up higher, to see His favor in greater ways.
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