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Set Times of Favor
By Joel Osteen - May 29, 2020
We all have things we’re believing for, but when we’ve waited a long time, it’s easy to get discouraged and think it wasn’t meant to be. But the delays, the detours, and the disappointments don’t stop God’s plan. What He started in your life, He’s going to finish. The Scripture says, “For the Lord of hosts has purposed, and who can annul it?” (Isaiah 14:27). God is saying, “Your time is coming.” He hasn’t forgotten your lonely nights, the unfair situations, the times you’re doing the right thing and not getting the right results. Voices whisper, “It will never change.” Don’t believe those lies. Healing is coming, promotion is coming, freedom is coming. God has already put it on the schedule. The date has already been ordained.

Psalm 102:13 says, “There is a set time for favor.” You keep honoring God, doing the right thing, and you’re going to come into some of your set times when God will show out in your life with explosive blessings. You were struggling in your finances to get ahead, and suddenly you’re promoted, suddenly your business takes off. Suddenly your health turns around, suddenly you break that addiction, suddenly your child gets back on course. What happened? You came into your set time. If you could see what God has on your calendar, you wouldn’t worry about the client you lost or about the coworker who has it in for you.

A young man who attends Lakewood graduated from college with honors and had a dream to become a physician. He applied to forty medical schools, received only three interviews, but was turned down by all. He was so disappointed. All his time and energy had been focused on getting into medical school, but the door was closed. He didn’t understand it, but he kept believing that his time was coming. Then he heard about working for the armed forces and their medical school, and something ignited inside. He knew that’s what he wanted to do. Recently this young man not only received a full scholarship that covers the cost for his education, but he will be paid a substantial salary while he attends medical school. What happened? He came into one of his set times. If God had not closed those other doors, he would never have seen this opportunity that was more than he could imagine.

You may be praying and believing, but you have some obstacles that are not changing. All through the day, keep saying, “Father, thank You that my time is coming. You’ve already set the time to favor me, to heal me, to turn this around.” Get your hopes up. It’s not too late. You didn’t miss your chance. God has something amazing in your future.
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