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Gateways of Hope
By Joel Osteen - Jun 26, 2020
We all face setbacks in our finances, health challenges, struggles in relationship, things we don’t understand. When we’re in the valley, it’s easy to get discouraged and think it’s never going to improve. But the Scripture says, “God will transform the Valley of Trouble into a gateway of hope” (Hosea 2:15). You may feel stuck in a valley of trouble, a valley of loneliness, a valley of debt. It looks permanent. God is saying, “I’m about to transform that valley into a gateway of hope, increase, and favor.” The valley is leading you to new levels, to better relationships, to greater influence.

You may be in a valley of sickness, but God is about to transform it into a gateway of healing and wholeness. Don’t let the valley fool you. God has the final say. Maybe business is slow, and you’re in a valley in your finances. That valley is about to be transformed into a gateway of blessing, favor, and overflow. God is going to open new doors of opportunity. Perhaps you feel that you’ll always be trapped in a valley of addiction, because your relatives all struggled in the same valley. No, this is a new day. That valley is about to be transformed into a gateway of freedom. God has a breakthrough coming your way. The addiction, the loneliness, or the anxiety is not going to hinder you for your whole life. You were created to be free, to be happy, to live an abundant, fulfilled life.

The truth is that you can’t reach your destiny without going through valleys. The valleys are strategic. They lead you to the awesome future God has in store. When you’re on top of a mountain, the only way to go higher is to come down that mountain, go through the valley, then you can go up a bigger mountain. God allows valleys, not to hold us back, but because He’s taking us higher. Without the valleys, we would get stuck. Are you discouraged, thinking the valley is permanent? Have a new perspective. The valley is not there to stop you; it’s there to promote you to a new level.

What you’re up against may be bigger, you feel outnumbered, and you don’t have the resources. On your own, you can’t get out. The good news is that you’re not on your own. The Most High God is right there with you. He knows how to turn that valley of trouble into a gateway of victory. Instead of complaining about the valley, all through the day you should say, “Father, I believe what You promised. Thank You that You’re about to transform this valley into a gateway of hope, a gateway of blessing, a gateway of victory.”
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