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When You Are Weary
By Joel Osteen - Jul 31, 2020
A woman I know has struggled with depression for many years. She’s always been so strong, so determined, but I saw her recently and she was very discouraged. “I don’t have any fight left in me,” she said. “I can’t do it anymore.” Sometimes we see that as a lack of faith. But God doesn’t expect you to be strong all the time. He understands there will be times when we get weary and don’t feel like we can go on. We’ve prayed, and we’ve believed, but nothing has changed. Now the weight of what we’re facing has left us exhausted. The good news is that God doesn’t fault us for feeling weak. He doesn’t say, “What’s wrong with you? You need to have more faith.”

The Scripture says, “When you are weak, He is strong” (2 Corinthians 12:10). When you are overwhelmed and feel like you can’t go on, Christ comes in with power and gives you special strength. Strength that you didn’t get on your own. Strength to move forward when you should be stuck, strength to overcome the addiction, strength to outlast the opposition. You are going to “run and not be weary, to walk and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31). There’s going to be a strength that’s not natural, but supernatural.

Maybe you feel weak today. Perhaps you’re worn down by everything that’s going on—the pandemic, the unrest, the uncertainty. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling weary. Don’t be down on yourself because you’re not strong all the time. You’re human. God’s not faulting you. He’s saying, “When you’re weak, I’m going to step in. I’m going to make you strong. I’m going to give you power to run again.” You wouldn’t be reading this if special strength wasn’t on the way. God hasn’t forgotten about you. He sees what you’re going through. He sees the lonely nights, the struggles, and all those times you’ve gone the extra mile.

Perhaps you don’t feel like you have the strength to move forward, the strength to fight the illness, the strength to raise your children. The prophet Isaiah says, “God gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak” (Isaiah 40:29). God is saying, “I’m about to increase your power. I’m about to make you stronger.” It’s not something you have to muster up and make happen. It’s the hand of God lifting you, empowering you, reenergizing you, causing you to run and not be weary. You’re going to have a new passion, a new fire, and special strength to stand strong, to try again, to outlast what’s trying to stop you, and to step up to a new level.
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