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Planted, Not Buried
By Joel Osteen - Aug 21, 2020
Life tries to convince us that there’s nothing special about us. We have too many obstacles to ever accomplish our dreams. We’ve made too many mistakes to ever leave our mark. But we don’t realize who we are. The Scripture says that God has “given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4). That means that God has enabled us to share His nature, that we are His offspring. As a child of Almighty God, you have His spiritual DNA. In your seed is favor, creativity, courage, and new levels. You can’t share in God’s DNA and just be average. That seed will override challenges and propel you where you can’t go on your own.

If you’re going to reach your potential, you have to know you are good seed. God wouldn’t have breathed His life into you, He wouldn’t have chosen you before you could choose Him if you didn’t have purpose, destiny, and greatness. You may have made mistakes, but there’s something in you that can’t stop the seed. You may have come from negative circumstances, but that doesn’t change your seed. Don’t let how you were raised, what you didn’t get, or any dysfunction convince you that you’re not up to par, that you can’t do something great. Because you’re good seed, you’re still going to shine, you’re still going to blossom.

In life, you have to realize that you’ll have some dirt put on you. At times, it feels like you’re a buried seed. You’ll feel like you’ll never get passed a sickness, a trouble, an addiction. It’s dark, you feel pressure all around, and you don’t see a way out. The good news is that you’re not buried, you’re planted. The difference is that when you’re buried, you’re done, but when you’re planted, you’re coming up again, stronger, healthier, more successful. But here’s the key: Being planted feels the same as being buried. It’s dark, it’s uncomfortable, you feel pushed down and compacted. If you judge things too soon and get discouraged, you’ll give up on your dreams.

God has you reading this to let you know that you’re not buried, you’re planted. This is not the end. Your seed is designed to push back the dirt and will not fail. The life of Almighty God is in your seed and is more powerful than any force that’s trying to hold you back. Get ready. The seed God put in you is about to spring forth—the dreams, the health, the freedom, the abundance, the right people. The greatness God put in you is about to come out.
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