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Crowned with Favor to Reign
By Joel Osteen - Oct 30, 2020
We weren't created to go through life overcome by problems, struggling to make it, stuck in mediocrity. God didn't create you to live defeated, burdened down by fear or addictions. He created you to reign, to be the victor not the victim. The Scripture says that "God has crowned you with favor." That crown is symbolic of the fact that we're supposed to reign. You are crowned to defeat enemies. Crowned to take your family to a new level. Crowned to succeed, to excel, to leave your mark. Anything negative that's been reigning over you--dysfunction, insecurity, people trying to pull you down--there's about to be a shift, a change in authority. You're about to reign over what's been reigning over you.

In 2 Chronicles 22, when King Ahaziah of Judah was killed, his mother decided to take the throne as queen. She killed the whole royal family of the house of Judah, except for Ahaziah's baby son Joash who was taken and hidden by his aunt in the temple for six years. His grandfather, Athaliah's husband, was a descendant of King David. If she had succeeded in getting rid of all her husband's relatives, the promise God made to David, that one of his descendants would always be on the throne, wouldn't have happened.

What God promised you will come to pass. People can’t stop it. Bad breaks can’t keep it from happening. What God started, He’s going to finish. Jehoiada, the priest in the temple, and his wife took care of little Joash year after year, knowing he was destined to take the throne. When Joash was seven years old, Jehoiada gathered the military commanders and heads of Israelite families, showed them that Joash was alive, and declared, “The time has come for the king’s son to reign,” and Athaliah was overthrown (2 Chronicles 23:3).

It didn't seem as though young Joash was ready to reign. He didn't have the training, the experience, the wisdom. It seemed like it was years away. But Jehoiada said, "It's your time to reign." I can imagine Joash didn't even understand what "reign" meant, but he was crowned the king. And King Joash went on to do much good for Israel as long as Jehoiada was alive.

What am I saying? It's time for the King's children to reign. Whatever negative thing has been reigning over you is about to end. This is a new day. You are coming into destiny moments. God is about to take you where you can't go on your own. It's going to be unusual, it's not going to happen on a normal schedule, and it's going to be sooner than you think. It's your time to reign.
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